All The Good Things About Cats

Soft, purring, friendly, playful… life with a cat is an endless array of pleasant, fun experiences and the good things about cats are truly endless. Whether it be their inquisitive nature, silly antics, or simple presence, they have been making our lives less dull and showering us with affection since their early days of domestication. Here are just some of the pros that cat lovers and cat owners delight in every day:

There’s never a boring moment when cats are around

No matter the cat’s breed or age, everyone knows there’s never a dull moment in the house when a feline companion is around! Watching cats jump, run, romp, stumble is a distinct delight. Who needs a TV when your cat is constantly getting her head stuck in boxes and trying to steal snacks around the house? During playtime, it gets even better! Many owners lose themselves during playtime with their cats, after all, it’s great exercise and terrific fun.

Jumping cat

Cats are the perfect anti-stress therapy

One thing every person should experience at least once in their life is a relaxing, soft cuddle session with a cat. As many cat guardians know, there’s just something magical and soothing about petting your cat and enjoying her purring after a long hard day. Any stress you might have had today? Purred away. It turns out, not only is this phenomenon magic, but it is also grounded in science. Studies have shown  thatliving with a cat has been linked to lower stress levels in humans and even mitigate depressive
symptoms. Even as little as 20 minutes of cuddling and relaxing with a cat is enough for our bodies to  produce serotonin a chemical that is a major component of what makes us feel happy.

Cats are healthy for us

When we think of good things about cats, we might not think of direct health benefits, but as mentioned above, cats not only help us de-stress, they actually improve our health too! Scientists–possibly very big cat-loving scientists - conducted studies that linked the aforementioned cuddling to lower cortisol
production in our bodies, which in turn means lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Additional research also showed that –possibly due to the lower stress, cholesterol, and anxiety levels—owning a cat significantly lowered the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Wow, who knew our little furry fellows were so good for our health?

Cats improve our sleep

Not many want their cat to sleep in their bed, and that’s understandable. But those who do are
increasingly reporting the positive effects that this has had on their sleep! While previous studies linked sharing a bed with your cat to sleep disturbances, new research is coming out proving the opposite. The soft purring, cozy atmosphere, and rhythmic breathing of a cat all contribute to feeling less stressed and
dozing off much better than before. It is also a good opportunity to strengthen the bond with your cat.

Cats are hygiene freaks

Cats are already born with an innate attraction to cleanliness—a behavioral trait that is enforced even  trongly by the mother and later by their human guardians. Everyone knows how much cats like to lick themselves clean! A good grooming session is as important to your cat as its (clean) bowl of food or toys. This cleanliness is almost structured in their DNA—cats are born with a barbed, sandpaper-like tongue that helps them remove dead fur and even parasites.

Cats are beautiful

It’s vain to get a cat simply because of the way it looks and real, responsible owners should choose a pet depending on compatibility. Still, it’s hard not to admire the grace and beauty your cats possess. The soft shining fur, elegantly structured characteristics, tail, and ears have given birth to cat shows where our feline friends get to be admired for their natural beauty. But even a simple house cat has  captivatingly charming features that no one can resist!

Cats are pretty intelligent

Cats are pretty smart, it’s true! Scientists studying cat behavior are certain that cats are just as intelligent as dogs. The problem lies in the fact that unlike dogs, cats often just don’t care about following commands. Their mental capabilities allow them to perfectly understand orders and tricks that they have been taught but their incredible individuality lets them decide when to follow them.

Cats are a great cure for loneliness

The simple presence of a cat—the soft sound of their paws hitting the floor, the meowing and purring are enough to soothe lonely hearts. Not only are our beloved cats reducing our anxiety but they help us feel less lonely too. Many owners report their cats spending extra time around them when they are sad or ill, almost as if cats can sense our emotions…which they do! A cat is very in tune with its owner’s
emotions and knows when we need extra love and cuddles. They might not know what you are talking about when you’re sharing personal secrets, but they will lend an ear regardless!

Cats are loyal and loving companions

Dog loyalty has been discussed endlessly in every artistic medium possible, which has forced cats to stay in the shadow of their barking counterparts. The good things about cats are countless, and yet as any cat
owner knows, one of the best things about them is their devoted loyalty and affection. They are the perfect companions. No two cats are alike and when you live with a cat, instead of owning them you act more as their guardian, getting to know their charming personalities and unique quirks every day! Generally considered as aloof, it’s true—cats may not always possess the lively, bouncy energy of a dog, but as anyone who has had the pleasure of owning cats can tell you, they exhibit their love and loyalty in a myriad of other unique ways. Many cats throughout history have earned medals for their braveness, and many have deterred aggressive dogs and predators from their cherished family members. When a cat senses that its (feline or human) family is in danger, she will do anything to protect them!

- Victoria V

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