The Truth About a Cat Owner's Personality

Being a cat owner comes with a lot of assumptions and most lean on the negative side, but most of these assumptions aren’t always true. A preference for cats tells a lot about your personality, and these traits are often present in cats too. This isn’t to generalize or to say all cat owners are like this, but most of them have all these qualities in common. Whether you’re a cat person or not, find out if these traits match yours.

Cat owner's personality

The Individualist Cat Owner

One of the first qualities that enter one’s mind when thinking of a cat owner is being a loner. Because cat people prefer being alone and doing things their way, they are also known as being independent and introverted. Cat owners are not known to be the social type and can’t be bothered to be friends with everyone. This doesn’t mean they dislike people. Yes, they have friends too. It’s just that they don’t need external validation and would rather have their own time. They don’t like small talk and prefer the comforts of their home than going outside. Most cat owners live alone and would rather stay away from everyone else.

Just because cat owners are considered loners doesn’t mean they’re unhappy. It may seem like a bad thing, but this isn’t true, especially if they have embraced their individualistic nature. They just simply love to be alone and prefer an independent lifestyle over anything else. Just like a cat, they choose when to interact with others and take a step back when they think they’ve had enough attention. Although they like having their own time, they still love being with their feline friend rather than anyone else.

The Emotional One

The most prominent cat owner personality that is mostly true for everyone is being emotional. They take everything to heart and think with their heart as well. Because they’re emotional, they tend to overthink things and worry about the smallest details. They easily get stressed out over everything and take things personally. They can create drama over anything simple or avoid drama completely by shutting themselves out. There is no middle ground and only one of the two.

On the other hand, being emotional also has a good side to it. This cat owner personality involves being sensitive, not only to themselves but to others as well. They deeply care about their loved ones and will always go out of their way to please them. They put themselves in the place of others in order to understand them. A simple act of kindness makes them feel eternally grateful and will always be remembered by someone who is emotional. They also trust their intuition and almost always knows what to do at the right time.
Since cat owners love being alone, they often rely on their cats for emotional support. They appreciate that their cats give them time out of their busy day and listen to their daily stories. They think of their cats as a mirror of themselves, and they understand their cat’s emotions as well. For them, their cat is someone who they can share their time with. And when a cat gives back affection, they feel a satisfying happiness that no other person could give.

The Intellectual Cat Owner

Cat owners are known to be intelligent and open-minded. Because they’d rather stay home, they usually do things that cater to their intellectual needs and get their creative juices flowing. Their hobbies usually involve something sophisticated like reading, writing, arts, collecting, and anything cultured that they can do on their own. In addition to being an intellectual, cat owners are curious by nature and are willing to try out new experiences that will satisfy their intellectual pursuit.

Educated people are known to be cat people, and educated people work long hours. Owning a cat caters to their busy lifestyle. They don’t need to go out on walks and clean after their cats. Men and women in history such as Isaac Newton, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, Florence Nightingale, and others are known cat people who possess high intellect as well. Cats have inspired inventions, stories,

Despite being emotional, cat owners are conscious enough to get through all these obstacles and difficulties using their intellect. They are very self-aware and know exactly what they're facing. Because they overthink, they analyze and process every information. If they don’t know something, they always try to improve themselves and are always willing to learn.

The Crazy Cat Owner

When it comes to being a cat owner, the crazy cat lady is always mentioned. Usually a spinster and oftentimes portrayed as weird and having a nasty attitude, how they’re perceived is starting to change for the better. Crazy cat owners usually have more than one kitty companion and have an obsession along with it. They are bound to have more than one cat related item at home. Cat clothes, cat mugs, cat clocks, cat sheets, or anything with a cat on it can be found in their house.

Although cats are known as the non-social type, it’s a different story when it comes to social media. The crazy cat owner knows this and takes advantage of it. They would show off their cat obsession by posting pictures and videos of their cat, following cat pages and channels, and sometimes watching cat related videos with their cat too. Their love for cats takes on a whole new level when they find themselves having conversations with their cat which sometimes result in them meowing back. Their emotional nature kicks in when they walk the streets and end up bringing home every stray they could find. Others would even go great lengths and tattoo their cats on their body.
Aside from the crazy cat collection, the crazy cat owner likes to shower their cat with love and affection. These cat owners are the ones owned by their cats. Cats are either seen as ancient gods or as evil creatures. This cat owner’s personality makes them put their cat on a very high pedestal and is at its every beck and call. These people are the cat experts and know what their cat wants by just a purr or a meow. Even though they love to smother their cat with unwanted attention at times, they do know when to retreat and leave their cat alone.


Remember, these cat owner personalities have their exceptions. Some people might have all of these qualities, some might only have a few, and some might not have them at all. But what’s certain is that these people love their cats and know that they are great companions for any personality. There is no shame in being a cat owner. Flaunt it. Be proud of it.

- Angela Tumbaga

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