The Complete Indoor Cat Care Guide

There is a belief amongst many people, that a cat is the happiest when it is given free roam
outside. That couldn’t be more than wrong! In medieval times cats were more or less free to
wander anywhere they wanted, catching pesky mice for humans and getting rewarded in
return. The average housecat has come a long way from those days though, and our modern
feline friends prefer the comfort and warmth of a house much more than the alternative.
Letting a cat outside without any supervision or a leash means exposing a cat to all sorts of
danger, including cars, disease, hostile dogs and other predators. Knowing all this information
and making a smart and informed choice to keep your kitty inside (unless he’s on a leash,) is
one of the first steps in becoming a responsible, caring owner! That said a cat still needs some
special care to have a full and happy life indoors. Fret not! You will be provided with all the necessary cat care information you could possible want right here.

A Cat's Habitat

Let’s start with his or her habitat. Cats are naturally territorial, often rubbing their heads and bodies against furniture, their favorite humans and anything else they want to claim as their own! A happy cat is one that feels in control and confident in its territory. A good way to provide your furry companion with this kind of security is to give him his own little space in the
house. It can be made of anything your cat likes or finds comfortable; his favorite, cozy bed,
soft blankets, a crate! It should be in a spot of the house that will give him enough space, but
not be too isolated. Cats love surveying their home and watching what their silly humans are up to. It’s also a good way for them to feel included and thus part of the family, as opposed to keeping a cat in a secluded, lonely corner. As mentioned, they absolutely adore sitting around
and watching the world go by! So, a perfect place to build your cat’s own little corner is
definitely near a window.

A cat's habitat

The Purfect Cat Kingdom

Armed with enough cat care information and knowledge anyone can turn their house into the
perfect kingdom for their cats. Thus, if cats like to think of themselves as the kings of their
kingdom (read: your house) then the cat’s scratching post is definitely their throne! It’s a
necessary object in every household that is owned by a cat. Giving your feline friend a sturdy, good cat tree to scratch, stretch out and trim their claws on is the best and most efficient way to keep you and your cat happy… and your furniture too! Little thought is often given to the
scratching posts we buy, but the difference between a good one and a bad one can be strikingly important. If, for example, you get Mr. Whiskers an unsteady scratching post that has a
tendency to sway, then one day he’ll get his claws on the post, ready for a nice scratching
session only to see it falling down on him with a loud THUD! He’s always going to remember
this incident, and possibly never use it again. The next best available option for Mr. Whiskers
will be your furniture, probably your favorite pillow or that brand new, expensive couch you
just got. If you want to avoid that, invest in a scratching post that feels sturdy and heavy instead of hollow and light! Consider the size of your cat and make sure it won’t fall down from his or  herweight. There are many shapes and sizes to choose from. From affordable corrugated cardboard to sisal and even wood, there’s bound to be something your cat will find just purrfect!

Cats Choice of Toys

Another pretty essential cat care information to know and consider is toys and how cats feel about them. Cats love toys, and which pet doesn’t? Even the chubbiest, oldest little cat still has that deep instinct to chase and play with toys, it’s just about finding the right way to engagef your furry friend’s attention. Simply flailing your cats’ toys close to his face will rarely work well.

Instead, you have to channel his inner hunter. If he’s got feathery toys, mimic how a bird would
act in nature; it’s not going to fly around erratically all the time. On the contrary, cats in the wild often survey their prey and only pounce at the right moment! That’s when the bird will jump away too, with the cat chasing behind. If his toys resemble mice or other animals that only walk on land then the approach will have to be changed, after all, the mouse doesn’t act the same way a bird does when it is being hunted. Consider giving your cat a treat from time to time when he manages to catch the toy. Playing without rewards can lead to pent up frustration in a, feline as they are instinctively used to catching prey and receiving a reward (like meat).

Cats Want a View

Just because you can’t let your cat roam free in the wild doesn’t mean that they have to be cut
off from the outside world. Provide your cat with a great window view and watch them shower
you in endless, purring thank you’s. Be aware that cats are extremely nimble and agile, and can squeeze even through the tiniest window openings. If you want to open your windows while your cat is around, it would be a smart idea to buy and install strong window nets. If you want even more visual stimulation for kitty, get some bird feeders and treat your pet to a nice, interactive show every morning! Many owners also note the importance of training your cat to  accep the leash. A cat doesn’t necessarily always have to be stuck inside, and teaching your cat to go on walks with you will be a great way to bond and explore the outside world together. If you do decide to take your pet on walks around town, stick to parks and areas with little traffic or people.



Last but not least, the most important thing about keeping a cat happy regardless of its habitat, is to love them. Spend quality time with your furry companion every day. Nothing will get your affection across quite like a good, relaxing petting session, or even just lounging around

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