Cat Importance Throughout the Years

Of course, cats are great, and this is always at its most evident when you have a cute, furry little feline napping on your legs or entertaining you with their silly antics. It’s no surprise that we have always, throughout history, loved cats and even worshipped them at some point. The link between man and cat goes a long way back. Besides their cute looks and fun demeanor, the cat importance in our ecosystem and the skills they possess have been a deciding factor in their adoption to human society.

Cat importance

Cats have been important for a long time

Cats lived thousands of years alongside humans before being domesticated. We all know ancient Egyptians and their deification and adoration of felines, specifically cats. Why was this? Well, at the time cats seemed almost god-sent; they dealt with Egypt’s overwhelming snake and rat problem and thus aided in diminishing the illnesses carried by them. Noticing this, many would coax cats into their homes with food and water, who in turn would fetter out the vermin. And just like that, the first relationships between men and cat were forged. The cat’s importance and role in eliminating vermin did not end here and progressed to other corners of the world.

Cat superstition

Superstition and paranoia were high during the medieval era, and many considered cats to be witches. Despite this, an overwhelming majority still used cats as pest control and developed close friendships with many felines. The cat population diminished rapidly in the 1300s and this is considered to be one of the reasons as to why the Bubonic Plague grew so dramatically. The absence of a large cat population led to an abundance of parasite-carrying rodents. Cat importance in our lives has been so crucial, that the widespread lack of our purring friends has always been instantly noticeable. Thankfully, the Enlightenment era saw the revival of the cat into our homes again.

Our ecosystem needs cats

Cats importance in our ecosystem is also one that we often tend to overlook. Seeing our little cats napping on couches and lounging beds all day makes it easy to forget how truly indispensable and crucial they are and have been to our environment. If cats were to suddenly disappear, our everyday life would look very bleak and different. For one, rats would overrun cities and towns, feeding off of and contaminating local crops.

While we feed and take care of our cats, not many know that without them we would have less food in the first place. In many corners of the world, our little felines are responsible for lessening the amount of grain lost to contamination or the consumption of rodents. By doing this, cats help to maintain the balance of our ecosystem.

Cats keep us healthy

As time went on, cats became closer and closer to humans and formed deep bonds with their owners. Now, their benefits were not only practical but personal as well. Recent studies are starting to uncover how truly beneficial and healthy it is to own a cat! From lowering risks of heart disease, blood pressure to reducing our anxiety levels; our purring friends have been helping us stay healthy since forever!

Speaking of purring, this gentle, relaxing sound is one of the best ways a cat can show its happiness! The frequency of those adorable purrs are also therapeutically beneficial and linked to improving bone tissue, lowering stress levels, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing symptoms of Dyspnea. The cat importance in our lives is truly unique and irreplaceable!

Cats are important

Cats support our emotional wellbeing

With their finely tuned senses able to detect when we’re ill or sad, it is no secret that cats have always been linked to the mystical and spiritual since their earliest days. While cats most likely don’t possess magical powers, our felines friends have always been noted for being in tune with our emotions. Even cats that appear aloof are able to sniff out the subtle chemical changes in our bodies that happen when we fall ill or anxious. This is why cats are increasingly being trained to become emotional support animals. With their calm demeanor, intelligence, and affectionate personality, they are the ideal candidates for this job!

They are a favorite when it comes to providing companionship for the lonely, elderly, or simply people who need relatively low-maintenance, gentle, and clean pets. Cats importance extends beyond practical needs such as vermin control, to more personal areas of our lives. Clean, generally quiet, and non-intrusive, cats have been happily purring on our laps since Egyptian times.

What about allergies, then? It’s true that many people, unfortunately, suffer from allergies that limit their interaction with these soft, fuzzy creatures. And yet, a lesser known fact is how research has shown that children’s early exposure to cats not only decreased the chances of developing cat allergies, but also protected them from allergies towards dust mites and grass.

Heroic cats?

They are also heroic members of many families. While ferocious bravery is not always a sign associated with cats; their endless loyalty, devotion, and acts of heroism have distinguished them as truly brave animals.

Cats are very protective of their family members, feline or not. Many often make it their personal duty to assure the safety of the children and babies in their household. Stories of cats protecting kids from aggressive dogs, humans, and even deterring a bear paint a clear picture of the love and loyalty our meowing family members have towards us. They are so important to us, cat owner's personalities are influenced!

It is interesting to note that unlike dogs which we domesticated since the Ice Age, cats mostly domesticated themselves and came to be our cuddly companions on their own terms. The friendship between man and cat is one of mutual trust and respect. Cat importance has been crucial to our ecosystem, but they are as indispensable to nature as they are in our homes!

After finding out about all this, it’s hard not to feel a newfound appreciation for these deeply mysterious, unique, and often silly pets. They have been our diligent, hard-working, and loyal companions since forever. They truly deserve all the treats, petting sessions, and cuddles we can give!

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