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  • Safety Tips: How to Calm an Aggressive Cat

    No matter how sweet and loving our cats can be, these furry friends have one attitude that we all don’t want to deal with –their aggressiveness. Ho...
  • Coronavirus and Cats: A Helpful Guide for Cat Owners

    Can cats contract the global pandemic coronavirus from humans, or could it happen the other way around? This inquiry is one of the mostly-asked que...
  • Cat Labor and Delivery: Symptoms and Difficulties

    Compared to humans, pregnant cats are usually more independent and more capable of taking care of themselves, particularly when they are close to g...
  • Why does a cat purr?

    Normally, when a cat meows it is easy to tell that it is hungry right? However, there is something unique about cats that has been the subject of many discussions. This is the aspect of why the cat purrs...
  • What Does Catnip Do to a Cat?

    So there you are sitting on your couch and surfing the internet and all of a sudden you see a topic that really fascinates you that you must read. It is clear by now that you are a pet owner who is extremely caring for your cute little pet and want to grab some information regarding catnip.
  • How to Take Care of a Cat

    Cats are known for their resilience and independent nature, but domestic cats need to be cared for. This article is to help you learn how to take care of a cat and prepare for the journey ahead with your new furry friend.
  • Cat Tail Meanings: What Your Cat is Telling You

    Everyone knows that cats are very unpredictable. One minute they’re all over you and then suddenly they just don’t care. Like people, cats have uni...
  • Cat Importance Throughout the Years

    The link between man and cat goes a long way back. Besides their cute looks and fun demeanor, the cat importance in our ecosystem and the skills they possess have been a deciding factor in their adoption to human society...
  • The Complete Indoor Cat Care Guide

    There is a belief amongst many people, that a cat is the happiest when it is given free roam
    outside. That couldn’t be more than wrong! 
  • All The Good Things About Cats

    Soft, purring, friendly, playful… life with a cat is an endless array of pleasant, fun experiences and the good things about cats are truly endless. Whether it be their inquisitive nature, silly antics, or simple presence, they have been making our lives less dull and showering us with affection since their early days of domestication. Here are just some of the pros that cat lovers and cat owners delight in every day:
  • The Benefits of Having a Cat at Home

    Cats, our adorable fuzzy friends who love to curl up by our side. Undoubtedly cats make great pets but If you have never owned a cat and are considering adopting one, you will be pleased to know there are there are many benefits of having a cat at home.
  • The Truth About a Cat Owner's Personality

    A preference for cats tells a lot about your personality, and these traits are often present in cats too...