The Benefits of Having a Cat at Home

Cats, our adorable fuzzy friends who love to curl up by our side. Undoubtedly cats make great pets but If you have never owned a cat and are considering adopting one, you will be pleased to know there are there are many benefits of having a cat at home.

Low Maintenance Pets

Cats are easy to take care of. In contrast to their canine cousins, cats are very low maintenance. They are known for their independence, they don’t need walking and although they might like a nice cuddle, they aren’t needy and can be left alone without fear of them trashing your home while you are out. That said, they are often fond of a toilet roll and they do need to scratch so it is recommended to provide scratch posts to coax them away from your lovely sofa.

Although cats are mostly self-sufficient, like all pets, they do need care. Taking care of a cat provides a sense of responsibility and consequently, we develop an emotional bond, a two-way relationship built on trust and respect and ideally some tasty treats as well.

The benefits of having a cat at home

Having a cat at home is also a good opportunity for young children to learn about sharing, caring for, loving and respecting animals. Studies have shown that Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder experience positive behavioural changes as a benefit of having a cat at home

And for those who don’t have children, cats are family. We miss them when we are away from them and there is nothing like coming home after a busy day and snuggling up with kitty. 

Cats communicate with us and provide companionship

To those who don’t own pets, conversing with animals may seem slightly crazy, hence the term ‘Crazy cat lady’ referring to the lady who lives alone and talks to her many cats. In reality, she is most likely the happiest person in the neighbourhood. Being able to talk to a friend without being judged can help us to get through difficult times.

Cat lovers and their friends

Cats make for a great talking point. You rarely find a cat owner that isn’t ready to share photos of their beloved kitty on their phone. Many even have their own cat blogs or Instagram accounts. 

Cats are endlessly entertaining. Let's be honest, they aren’t always elegant and perfect and watching our feline friends at play is never dull and of course, they love us to play with us as well.

Just watching cat videos online can improve our happiness and reduce stress. People who watch cat videos report feeling more positive afterwards. Of course, this activity can become negative if it is done to avoid doing other things, but as they say, everything in moderation.

Having a cat can affect your personal relationships. Finding a suitable partner can be difficult but let's face it when your cat takes an instant disliking to your date, this may be a sign they are not the one, inversely, if you find yourself bonding together over your love of animals then this might be a good sign. After all, animals can sense things that we cannot.

Cats trust you

You may think you choose your cat but ultimately, your cat chooses you. While female cats have less of a tendency than male cats for wandering off for days on end, much to our dismay and many cats have other humans they like to go to for petting and feeding, cats are smart enough to know that they could easily find another home if they really wanted to and so when they choose to stay with us, it means they genuinely trust us and enjoy our companionship. A cat that chooses you for life is a true friend.

Overcoming allergy concerns

Although pet allergens are known to be triggers for asthma and other allergic diseases, being exposed to cat fur can increase immunity and resistance to allergens. Exposure, particularly in early childhood, may be preventative in the development of atopic disorders.

It isn’t actually the fur that causes allergies, it's a specific protein in the dander. These allergens are also found in pet urine and saliva. Thankfully, for those who have a predisposition to allergies, it is possible to have pets and be healthy. Firstly it is important to identify the specific allergen that triggers your symptom then there are a number of things you can do to help keep them at bay, including confining pets to certain areas in the house, keeping your bedroom a pet-free, using HEPA filters, regularly vacuuming and cleaning and consider anti-allergy supplements of medications.

I myself am an asthmatic. In my late teens, my doctor suggested it would be best to get rid of my cat. I wouldn’t have dreamt of it. That same kitty stayed with me for 18 years and I have a tattoo in her memory. It’s been twenty years since my doctor told me to give up my fur-kids. I am so glad I refused and found ways to make it possible without it damaging my health. They have given me so much love and happiness.

So, besides having a companion, a playmate and a pet to take care of and being endlessly entertained, Science has proven that there are other benefits of having a cat at home that you might not have even realized.

Cats are healing

Cats provide a calming presence, help reduce stress and promotes physical healing and emotional well being.

Studies have shown that the health benefits of having a cat at home, include lowering resting blood pressure, alleviating symptoms of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Lowering stress levels reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack by around 30 perfect.

Cats love to purr

The reason that cats purr has long been a mystery. To us, a curled up purring kitty appears peaceful and content, However, cats also purr when they 100 Hz are injured or frightened. One hypothesis is that the frequency of vibrations promotes healing while a cat is resting. It may be an internal healing mechanism, promoting bone and muscle strength, a form of physical rejuvenation.

In humans, vibrational/electrical frequencies are used in therapeutic treatments. Research has shown that bone responds to frequencies of 25-50Hz and skin and soft tissues to around 100 Hz.
Many diseases are treated with vibrations within this range.

Cats purr in the range of 20 hertz to 140 hertz. So petting a purring kitty and absorbing those vibrations is beneficial to humans as well.

In conclusion, the proof is in the paws as well as the science. The benefits of having a cat at home are numerous. If you are considering adopting your first pet, a cat is an excellent choice. Cats are important!

- Kirsty Hill



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